Using A Vision Board

Vision Board

When discussing the law of attraction, many coaches talk about using a vision board. Aside from the idea of “putting your intentions into the universe” there are some real benefits to using vision boards.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is simply a collage. You can use a bulletin board, a white board or just a large piece of cardboard. On the board you place words and pictures related to what you want to achieve. It can be items you want, places you wish to go or goals you want to accomplish. Each day you spend a few minutes looking at the board and focusing on your goals. You can use it to write your goals and envision what they look like.

Why use a vision board?

  • Stay on target: A vision board is a reminder. It keeps you focused on your goals by keeping them in front of you. While daily work can keep you mired in details and there are always fires that need to be put out, a vision board keeps the long-term vision in front of you so you don’t forget why you are doing what you are doing.
  • Keep teams on the same page: Having vision board for your team helps keep all the people working towards the same goal. When each team member sees the goals in front of them, it keeps everyone rowing in the same direction.
  • Stop project creep: By posting a reminder of what your goal is, it keeps your project from straying. It becomes simpler to determine what work goes to achieving your goal and what is project creep.

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