The Goal Of Business Is To Go Out Of Business

Going Out Of Business

If the headline of this article seems strange to you, you’re not alone. Most business people spend their time trying to make sure they don’t go out of business. The difference is the reason for going out of business. You don’t want to go out of business because of lack of capital or lack of customers. So how do you want to go out of business?

A product or service is designed to solve a problem. Whether that problem is how to get from one place to another (car), how to get the word out about a business (advertising and marketing) or how to keep kids from being bored (video games) you need to solve that problem. Why do you want to try to go out of business? You want your product or service to solve the problem so well that the problem goes away.

Realistically there will always be a recurrence of the problem or new problem to solve, so you don’t need to worry that you’re actually going to go out of business by doing this. In fact, solving a customers problem so completely will have them coming back to you to see what other problems you can solve.

Design your business to solve problems and get rid of those problems for your customer.

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