As the holiday season comes to a close, I want you to think about the feeling you had when you held your holiday gift. I don’t mean after you opened it. What were you feeling as you held the still wrapped gift. When you looked at it without knowing what it was, what did you feel? There’s an excitement. It could be anything. This is the power of possibility.

How can you use the power of possibility in your business? The best example of its use was Steve Jobs in his Apple product unveilings. Everything was kept very close to the vest. Viewers waited with bated breath as he uttered the words, “One more thing.” The anticipation was palpable.

Can you generate that feeling in your customers? While most of us are unlikely to generate the excitement that Apple does, we can still use the power of possibility. Here are some ideas:

  • Hold product events: When unveiling a new product or service, treat it as an occasion. Don’t tell your audience what the new announcement is, just that there is one. Let the anticipation build.
  • Send invitations: Whether you are having a new launch or a sale, send out invitations to get people interested.
  • Tease the mystery: Use advertising and social media to tease that something is coming.
  • Don’t do this too often: The power of potential works best when it is used sparingly. Space campaigns out so they are few and far between.