Use Distraction As A Tool


Every successful person, no matter how talented or accomplished, fails at some point in their careers. When the pressure is on, we have a tendency to panic and begin overthinking a task that is normally second nature to us. Don’t overthink what happens next when you are going to face a stressful circumstance. Trying to go over every detail again five minutes before the big event is not a good idea. Instead, use distraction and devote a few minutes of your time to something else to get yourself back on track. Try some of these ideas:

  • Make a crossword puzzle out of the words you have.
  • Try to picture yourself on the vacation you’re planning for the following month.
  • Revisit your favorite magazine’s most recent issue to get caught up.

If you’re still having trouble getting out of your brain, try singing a song or repeating a one-word mantra to distract yourself. As a result, the distraction will help you avoid having your brain go crazy when you need it to stay calm during a stressful situation.

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