There are hundreds of books and articles where successful people talk about their habits. The idea is that if you follow those habits then you too can be successful. The problem is most of these focus on what these people are doing today. Many of these of habits are only feasible because they already have money. You need to look at what successful people did before they had money.

Two perfect examples are Warren Buffett and Arianna Huffington. When Warren Buffett talks about his success, he talks about what he did as a child and how he made his early money, not just what he does now. Arianna Huffington wrote a book on how people can become successful. She completely passed over how she made her initial money. This is understandable because it doesn’t exactly support her narrative. She married a rich man, divorced him, and got half his fortune.

When looking for examples to emulate, look at what people did before they were wealthy. Those are the habits that made them what they are today.

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