When Burnout Hits You Need To Recharge


Burnout is real. It hits people every day. When it does hit, your energy is low and it can be hard to focus on work. The lower energy you feel, the less you get done, which makes you feel worse. If left unchecked it becomes a downward spiral. Boosting your productivity can turn things around. Here are a few things you can do to get out of that burnout cycle.

  • Everyday you should schedule two types of activities: those that provide a sense of accomplishment and those that provide pleasure. These can be very simple. A pleasurable activity could be starting the day by sitting in the sun while you drink a cup of coffee. Activities as simple as getting some exercise, straightening up the house or making a phone call you’ve been putting off.
  • Alternate your tasks between easy and hard. Don’t do all your simple tasks at once, which leads you to a block of time where everything you need to do is difficult. Mix your schedule to separate tough jobs with simple ones. This gives you a break between energy intensive work, breaks up the monotony of the day and boost your energy.
  • If you can, find ways to take things off your plate, at least temporarily. Ask for help. Delegate what you can. Prioritize deep work and the tasks that add the most value. When you’re recovered be sure to reciprocate and help out those who helped you.

To see how a Modern Observer Group coach can help you fight burnout, schedule a call here or contact us at the information below. Modern Observer Group programs are based on the Businetiks system as detailed in the book, “The Businetiks Way.”