Networking For Introverts


When you meet new individuals, do you find it awkward to start a conversation? Do you detest entering a big conference room and seeing a sea of unfamiliar faces? Networking doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. Here are some tips to get you past your apprehension.

  • Look for other reluctant networkers. You are not alone. When you are at an in-person event, look around. There is probably someone who is standing alone or in a group but is not actively engaged in the conversation. Go up to them and start a conversation.
  • Find areas of common interest. Identify areas of common interest with the other person rather than worrying about how to strike up a conversation. Prepare ahead of time and think about various pursuits you enjoy (gardening, reading, picking up new skills), so that you can concentrate conversations on subjects you are familiar with.
  • Redefine networking. Networking isn’t just about meeting new people. It’s also about strengthening existing relationships. Reach out to friends from previous jobs, or colleagues you’ve only had limited contact with, and ask to connect in a low-pressure environment like coffee or a Zoom call.

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