Give Yourself Permission To Stop Overworking

stress and overworking

Overworking is damaging to you. You’ve heard it over and over. Your productivity suffers, as does your health. You have to give yourself permission to take control of your work.

  • First, become aware of the story you’re telling yourself about your job. Do you worry about lagging behind or getting fired? Consider whether these worries are founded in reality or whether it is time to change the story. Spend a few minutes thinking about and perhaps even outlining your motivation. Figure out what pushes you to overwork.
  • Then, tell someone you respect about your intention to cut back on your commitments. This person could be a mentor, friend, or work colleague who can both hold you accountable and provide you with some useful advice on how to maintain balance and prevent burnout.
  • Finally, commit fully to what matters to you. Examine your workload carefully and adjust your schedule so that you may spend more time on what you consider important and that make you happy rather than more time on those that deplete you. Take a break if you find yourself working on the weekend or responding to emails after work.

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