The nature of work is changing. The world where you went to work after school and stayed with a company for your entire life are long gone. As more companies use consultants instead of employees, you have to treat your career as a business, and that includes how you market yourself.

Having a website at or gives you a place to showcase your abilities that you control. When you make a professional Facebook page, Facebook controls how many people see it, and what you can post. They can even take down your page if they decide you don’t meet their standards. With your own personal site, you have control.

Even if you are a small business owner, you should a website separate from your business site. The business needs to stick to what it does best, but a personal site allows you promote causes you believe in, showcase hobbies, and give a more complete picture of who you are. People do business with people they know, like and trust. A personal site allows people to get to know you.

Additionally, a personal site gives you more control over what people find out about you. A personal site, with proper SEO, will appear high in Google searches if someone is looking you up (like for instance a recruiter). Having the site gives you more control over what information people can find about you.

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