organic search

Advertising platforms are getting better at targeting audiences, but when it comes to search and social media organic beats paid every time. To be clear, organic search and social means SEO and content marketing rather than paid ads. While paid ads have their place in any marketing campaign, there are several reasons for you to focus more on organic.

  • Ad blockers: Ad blockers are becoming more prevalent. Some browsers are building them into the software. With fewer ads being seen, you need to work around these.
  • The ignore factor: Especially in search results, people are being conditioned to skip the ads at the top of the results and go right to the organic search. When you get to the top of search organically you have more credibility than if you bought your way there.
  • Credibility: As mentioned above, organic search and social posts have more credibility than paid ones.
  • Noise: Several big companies are buying up ad space with noise. An example of this is a recent search I made for a free, open source application. The top ad was Amazon trying to sell me the free software.

While paid placement tends to have more reach, organic search and social posts have a better response rate. They connect with people that are actually interested in what you are offering.

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