Decompress For Your Success

decompress for self-interest

People often say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” That attitude is a recipe for burn out and failure. The truth is people need to decompress. Decompressing by getting enough sleep or having a full blown vacation are crucial to ensuring your health and your success. Prior to 2020, Americans wasted 768 million vacation days and during the pandemic lines were blurred further between work and down time. Keep your mind and body at their peak with these tips:

Tips To Decompress

  • Track your energy: Your energy ebbs and flows. Track your energy over time. See how you feel during different points during the day. Aside from helping you to schedule important tasks when you are at peak energy, you will be able to see how your productivity and health are affected by your sleep, diet, and other factors.
  • Figure out how you recharge: People aren’t the same, neither is the way they decompress. Figure out what works for you. It can be hiking or exercising, watching a movie, reading a book, meditating or going out with friends. Figure out what works for you.
  • Get enough sleep: Enough is subjective but most people need at least six hours to be fully rested.
  • Vary your schedule: If you watch the television show ‘Mad Men’ you will see Don Draper worked his own schedule. Starting early, ending late, and taking a nap in the middle of the day worked for him. Find what works for you. If your schedule is controlled by your company or boss, talk to them. More companies have learned that flex time is very effective for their employees.
  • Schedule downtime: Make sure to schedule downtime. Block out time each day to relax and decompress.

Slowing down and relaxing gives your brain the rest it needs to work more productively. It also keeps your body healthy.  To see how a Modern Observer Group coach can help you decompress and manage work-life integration, schedule a call here or contact us at the information below. Modern Observer Group programs are based on the Businetiks system as detailed in the book, “The Businetiks Way.”