Feed More Than Your Body At Lunch


Whether you’re working at home or in an office burnout is an ongoing problem. With the added stress of the pandemic to daily challenges, It’s important to recharge body, mind and soul on a regular basis. Eating a good lunch helps recharge your body, but your lunchtime can be used for more.

  • Take a walk: Add some light exercise to your lunch ritual to stimulate both your body and mind. Getting your body moving a bit helps the blood flow to your brain and helps you digest.
  • Eat with someone: Get away from your desk and have a conversation. A lunch conversation is a great way to build a relationship. Historically breaking bread together has been a way to build trust. Stimulate your brain with good conversation.
  • Listen and learn: Listen to an audiobook or podcast. Learning something new keeps your mind active.
  • Meditate: Relax and destress. Use meditation to reduce stress and feed your mind and soul.

By putting your lunch time to good use, you can boost your mind, body and soul to fight off burnout and operate at peak performance. To find out how a Modern Observer Group coach can help you work and live at your peak performance, schedule a call here.