Plan More Flexibly For Your Future


With all the uncertainty of the pandemic and its fallout, it’s never been harder to make a long-term plan. At the same time, planning is one of the best ways to reduce your stress and anxiety about the future. Break down your vision into smaller chunks to help. When you break down the plan into smaller time frames and smaller pieces you can pivot more easily.

Set up your plan:

  • Purpose: Identify a high-level purpose that motivates you in your professional life.
  • Model: Design a product/service mix that allows you to pivot easily. Create an online product and service and an offline product and service. This allows you to move quickly as circumstances change.
  • The Year: Make a big-picture plan for the coming year. Align that plan with your purpose, based on the best information you have available.
  • Quarters: At the beginning of each quarter, reassess your performance. Set specific goals to ensure that your work is still aligned with your purpose.
  • Months: Each month, take a look at your goals for the quarter. Assess where you stand with them to ensure you are making progress. Do you need to make any adjustments?
  • Weeks: At the start of each week, make a weekly to-do list, rather than a daily one that’s a mile long and leaves you feeling defeated when you shut down for the day.
  • Days: Finally, track your energy on a daily basis. Gathering data about your physical, mental, and emotional energy at the end of the day can give you powerful information as to how to optimize your workflow.

To see how a Modern Observer Group coach can help you develop and implement your plan, schedule a call here or contact us at the information below. Modern Observer group coaching programs are built on the Businetiks system as featured in the boo0k, “The Businetiks Way.