How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall? Practice


It’s an old joke. It takes practice to get to Carnegie Hall. To excel in music, painting, sports, etc. you must practice. The same goes for success in business.

One key tenet of coaching professional sports is preparing people in the most realistic contexts possible. For example, a coach might pour water on practice balls to prepare a team for wet gameday weather. How can you apply that to business?

  • Rehearse your presentation in front of colleagues who have been instructed to ask difficult questions. Create situations where your presentation is cut short or you need to fill time until another speaker is ready.
  • You might do the session in a setting that mimics what you’ll likely encounter in the real world, whether that’s a noisy coffee shop or an overheated conference room.
  • Design a plan for success. What happens if your customers order far more than you can produce? Practice how to handle various situations.
  • Consider what would happen if you have to shut down your place of business for an extended period of time. Can you adapt to working virtually and still get work done? Practice what that would look like.

By sensitizing yourself to the actual challenges you’ll face, you’ll become more adaptable and have a far greater chance of success. Even more important than simply thinking about what needs to be done is to practice doing it until it is second nature.

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