Nervous About Public Speaking? Try This.


Confident public speaking isn’t about getting rid of your fears. Reframing your nervousness as excitement is the key. Before your next big speech or presentation, follow these four procedures.

  • Take a few moments to center yourself first. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for a few moments.
  • Ask yourself, “Why is this speech, this topic, or this audience essential to me?” Declare your answer out loud.
  • Imagine your presentation from beginning to end, making sure you imagine everything going perfectly! What is the most optimistic scenario? What exactly did you do correctly? What was your demeanor like? What method did you use to convey the information?
  • Finally, listen to a song that motivates you. Choose one that makes you happy and gives you a boost of good energy (no matter how corny). If you practice these rituals before each presentation, you’ll be able to harness your nervous energy rather than being stifled by it.

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