Never Waste A Crisis

There’s an old saying in politics, “Never waste a crisis.” In politics it means that if you can frame your priorities so that it seems they can help in a crisis, you can get them done. In business you can use a crisis to focus, to pivot and to grow.


The COVID-19 crisis gives companies the opportunity to reimagine their workspace. The push to have workers telecommute, to bring business online and to adapt business models has been crucial to the survival of companies. It is also an opportunity for companies to grow and change. It is a great excuse to move into the future and discard parts of the business that no longer work.

The crisis in race relations likewise provides the opportunity to examine hiring and compensation practices. Have you been using outdated practices? This is the time to bring those systems up-to-date. Ensure that your systems are fair to all. Even some assessments can be racially biased. The current crisis gives you the perfect reason to replace them.

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