Plan For Success


It’s a common problem. Businesses plan to become successful, but they can’t handle it when it happens. While startups frequently have this problem, it is by no mean unique to them. With the changes in the economy caused by the COVID-19 lockdown, companies such as Amazon, UPS, and Wayfair have become victims of their success.

These companies have been overwhelmed with orders. Their customer satisfaction has dropped because they can’t keep up. What is worse is that they lack transparency. Their tracking systems give information on shipments as if there are no delays. The day of expected the delivery, the status changes and gets put off, sometimes multiple times.

Companies need to be prepared for success, even wild success. In the case of these three companies, it means making sure their tracking systems are giving accurate information. You must be able to provide the product or service that you promise, even if more people want it than you anticipated.

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