Showing Appreciation Doesn’t Require Grand Gestures


You don’t need grand gestures to show your employees your appreciation. Sometimes, it’s the little, everyday things that matter most. Start by checking in with each of your employees regularly. 

  • Give them the space to share what they’re doing or working on. You should also give balanced feedback. Praise is meaningful, but employees also want to know where they can improve. Just don’t give both types of feedback at once — clearly separate out the positive from the developmental. 
  • Offering growth opportunities or stretch assignments is another way to show employees they’re respected and valued. So take the time to explicitly discuss their potential. 
  • Lastly, make appreciation a habit. Try to build it into your regular routines, perhaps by spending the first 15 minutes of your week writing a personal thank-you note or starting your team meetings with shout-outs for the accomplishments of specific team members. 

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