To Reduce Burnout Clear Your Head


You’ve seen it happen. You have too many browser windows open or too many programs running and your computer slows to a crawl. That’s because your computer is trying to keep too many things in its RAM (Random Access Memory). To get things running again you need to close the programs or windows and clear things out of the RAM. Your brain works the same way. When you keep too many things in your head, your brain slows down trying to manage it all. For you to operate at peak performance and avoid burnout, you need to clear your RAM. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Write it down: Don’t try to remember everything. Have a calendar, to do list, daily planner or legal pad. Whatever system you use to track things, make sure you put everything down and that you check it regularly. This includes personal and business items. People make the mistake of organizing their work information but letting their personal life clutter up their minds. Whether it’s a report for the boss, project for a client, or organizing the garage, write it all down.
  • Get enough sleep: Your brain needs to reset. Sleep is when your mind recovers from stress. You need to get enough sleep to wind down and recover from the daily grind.
  • Manage your stress: Even with enough sleep, stress levels can impair your performance. Find ways to relax and take breaks. Organize projects so they remain manageable. The more stress you are dealing with, the worse you will perform.

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