Target Your Customer. It Isn’t Everybody.


You may believe that your product or service is the best thing since sliced bread and that it can benefit everyone. It may even be true that it has a benefit for everyone, but it isn’t necessarily something that everyone wants. We’re always looking for the sweet spot to target for our customers, the one thing that will pique their interest and keep them coming back. The issue is that there is no such thing as a universal sweet spot.

One customer may consider your product to be overpriced, while another may be drawn to the high price because it conveys exclusivity. Some consumers will be lured to a product’s simplicity, while others will conclude it is insufficient. Different sweet spots exist for different audiences, and they frequently contradict one another. It’s your job to figure out who your customer is and where their sweet spot is.

Consider your client as a set of concentric circles. The customer in the center circle is the one you desire the most. This is the person for whom your product or service is intended. The customer in the following circle is someone who would be wonderful to have. Although your product isn’t a great fit for them, it does have aspects that they desire. The people in the outermost circle may or may not use your product.

The client in the center is where you need to focus your attention. Recognize your target market and tailor your message to them.

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