Uncomfortable Creating Process? Think Of Them As Traditions

traditions are processes

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Is it going to a specific place? Singing carols? A particular meal that you make every year? Whatever the tradition is, it brings with it a feeling of happiness and comfort. You look forward to them. Every tradition you enjoy has a process behind it.

Each tradition is a tradition because you do the same thing every time. By doing the same thing you get the same result. That’s the core of creating processes for your business. By doing the same steps every time you get the results every time. Customers get the same experience and the same quality every time.

So create a process for everything your business does by writing down the steps you follow as you do them. This gives you the basis to start making improvements. Experiment with the steps. Change a step, see if the result is better. If it is, keep the change and more on to another step. If not, change the step back.

Document your processes and improve them. It will simplify your business and make it better.

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