If You Can’t Name Your Company, You’re In The Wrong Business


Often I meet someone at a networking event who tells me they are a consultant. I follow up by asking what kind of consultant. They will toss around all kinds of buzzwords. They won’t say what company they work for. They are vague about what they actually do. Finally, they will state that they work for a network marketing company.

There isn’t anything wrong with working for a network marketing company per se. Many of them offer excellent products at good prices. If you are too embarrassed to say you are selling their products, or worse, if your focus is on getting other people to sell rather than selling the products yourself, you are in the wrong business.

There is nothing wrong with sales. Most of us, in one form or another, are responsible for selling something. If you can’t tell people what company you work for and proudly talk about the products you sell you are in the wrong business. You are a sales representative or an account representative. You are not a coach or consultant. You are not teaching people how to get residual income. You are in sales. Stand up, say it proudly, and present your merchandise.

Despite the image many people have of the less than scrupulous salesperson, sales is a necessary part of every business. Don’t hide the fact that you are in sales.

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