In Networking Numbers Lie. Choose Quality Over Quantity


Many networking groups tout the number of people at an event. Many people don’t think smaller groups are worth their time. The truth is that where networking is concerned, the numbers lie. The idea that more people are better comes from the strategy of cold calling, where people are trained to make as many calls as possible. Networking isn’t cold calling. Treating it as a numbers game ensures you will fail.

Networking Is Not Sales

The big mistake people make about networking is that they think it is a sales opportunity. It isn’t. Networking is about building relationships. These relationships lead to resources and referrals. These referrals can lead to sales opportunities. Too many people want to skip the first steps and jump to the sales. Of course when you jump to the end, you miss out on the benefits of the relationships and resources.

Let’s talk about what happens to your sales when you skip the first steps. Having the relationships that lead to referrals gives you targeted people who fit your market. When you skip that step and try to sell to everyone you are not targeting. It is the difference between using a net rather than using a sniper scope. Even though networking is a long-term strategy, trying to sell to unqualified candidates can take just as long to find the qualified buyer and selling to them. You can make the sale eventually, but you haven’t saved time and you have sacrificed the relationships that will bring you more referrals and resources. The benefits of networking go well beyond sales.

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