What Do Your Potential Customers Believe?


You know your business. You know your products, your services, their features and benefits. You know that people will benefit from using them. Here’s the problem. It’s not about what you know. It’s about what your customers believe.

Recently, the insurance company The General started a new advertising campaign. In this campaign they acknowledge that people thought they were a fly-by-night company because of the commercials they were airing. They created a belief that they insure high risk drivers with just enough insurance to meet legal requirements. This belief is damaging their business. The big problem is that once a customer’s impression becomes a belief it becomes very difficult to convince them otherwise.

The General is hardly the only company to have this problem. Walmart customers believe that the store is all about low prices. When Walmart tried to shift to higher quality more expensive items their customers left. They had to switch back to low prices to get their customers back. No amount of information about the quality of the new products could shake the belief that all Walmart was for was low prices.

Beliefs are hard to turn and many of them have no basis in fact. Potential customers may believe your product is too expensive without ever knowing how much it costs. They may believe your services are of inferior quality. You need to present the truth about what you do before these mistaken beliefs are ingrained. Once they are, changing them is an uphill battle.

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