Beware Of Network Marketers Selling Retirement

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Qivana Network MarketingNetwork marketing gets a bad rap. Originally referred to as multi-level marketing, the industry had such a bad reputation that they changed the way they refer to themselves so as to escape the negativity. The bad reputation came from the behavior of some people selling. Whether you call the industry MLM or network marketing, those bad eggs are still out there. One of the quickest way to recognize these bad eggs is they are trying to sell you on your retirement.

Good network marketers are trying to sell you on their products or services, because like any good salesperson they believe in what they are selling. Bad network marketers are trying to sell you on selling their product. They don’t care about the product, they care about getting you to sell because the more you make, the more they make. The best salespeople care about their customers.

The facts about network marketing are clear. You get out of it what you put into it. The people who are telling you that you can retire early,retire with recurring revenue, etc. are reaching for the bottom of the market. The people who sell sales opportunities instead of products are preying on people’s hopes and dreams.

Network marketers are not consultants. They are not coaches. They are salespeople. There is nothing wrong with that. Be salespeople. If a network marketer is telling you otherwise, run.

Are Social Media Gurus Talking To Themselves?


TwitterThere are many ebooks, articles, etc. talking about how you can use Twitter as a marketing channel. The number grows further when you include periscope and other video channels that rely on Twitter. Before you jump in, you need to take a look and see if your target market is on Twitter. Based on the latest quarterly results that Twitter reported, the answer is only yes if you’re targeting social media gurus.

Despite the number of people swearing by Twitter, the service is not growing and not attracting a general audience. Twitter has a huge following among the media, tech people and social media gurus. If this is who you are trying to reach, jump right in,. The water is fine.

If that’s not your target market, chances are you are wasting your time trying to market on Twitter. Wall Street is betting that someone will buy Twitter because it isn’t succeeding as a standalone business because they are not reaching the audiences that they, and your business, need. It turns out that social media gurus who swear by Twitter are mostly just targeting other social media gurus.

What Sets You Apart Is You

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Be YouThere are very few, if any, businesses that operate in a unique space. There is someone offering a similar product or service as you. In many cases, there are other companies offering the exact same product as you are. What sets you apart from your competition isn’t your product or service. It is you.

The one thing your competition can never have is you. (If you join them, they are no longer the competition.) The culture of a company can create a type. Even years after they leave the company, you can usually tell if someone worked at IBM. For small businesses, you are that culture. You need to reach out to potential customers not just as a representative of the company but as a person. In the eyes of many customers there is no “company” just the person they deal with.

Here are three things you can do to maximize your impact:

Be authentic: Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. You never come across as well when you are playing a part as you do when you are being you.

Don’t hide your personal side: If you are an avid sports fan or music buff, don’t be afraid to show that. Very often connections are made over things that have nothing to do with business.

Live up to your word: If you say you will do something, do it. If something goes wrong, own up to it and fix the problem.

Marketing Is Not Sales


Sales and MarketingDespite the fact that every business depends on marketing, most still don’t understand that marketing is not sales. Sales is a part of marketing. Sales is the ultimate goal of marketing. Marketing is not simply about sales.

Businesses have multiple constituencies that they have to interact with. Stakeholders include customers, employees, investors, suppliers and community. Sales deals with customers. Marketing deals with all constituencies. Marketing builds a brand for each group. It is about convincing employees that they want to work at your company, investors that your company is a good place for them to make money, suppliers that they want to be in business with you, and the community that they want you as a resident. None of that will directly convince someone to buy from you but it is all marketing.

While you need sales to stay in business, sales without addressing these other groups will cause a business to fail just as marketing that doesn’t lead to sales will. Marketing is a holistic process that involves every part of your business. Sales is a focused part of that.

Big Data Needs A Dose Of Creativity

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creativityThere have been many things written about how big data is the future of business. There is a major drawback to relying on big data. Thanks to companies like Facebook, Google and IBM everyone can have the same big data that you do. Using big data doesn’t differentiate you from your competition.

To get the most out of data, you need to apply creativity. Think about advertising. Agencies have used data to calculate the best placement of media for decades. However, the best spot is useless if all they put there is a picture that says “buy me.”

If you follow the crowd, you will be behind your competition. Being creative makes you stand out.

Command Attention like an Executive


confidenceExecutive presence is not an innate quality; it is a set of behaviors that you can learn over time. Whether you are a natural wallflower or a social butterfly, you can enhance your presence by doing the following:

  • Focus and relax. Calm is the foundation of presence. Use your breathing as an anchor that you return to when you get stressed or start to lose focus.
  • Gain awareness. To change your behavior, you need to know how you are perceived. Pay attention to how people react to you and ask for candid feedback from those you trust.
  • Practice with support. Telling a colleague or mentor you’re working on presence can boost your skills and confidence. The feedback you receive can also reinforce momentum.